Don’t Be Shy…Proclaim Your Good Now.

woman-working-with-energyWhat do you want?  What do you really want?

We need to be definite with the universe, so the universe can be definite with us.   The universe is unlimited.  So many folks either place so many limits on the universe or they’re just afraid to claim what they want – what is theirs by divine right. Experiences like love, peace, prosperity, wellbeing, joy, fulfillment are ours by Divine right, aren’t they?  All of us?  Yes!

Think about it: if we are truly the Divine in expression – the fullness of God in expression, then all that God is we are.  We are created in the image and likeness.  But we must be clear about what we want, and not be shy to claim our good for ourselves…and for the world.

New Thought pioneer Emilie Cady said: “there is no coaxing or pleading about it.  Our asking is simply our complying with an unfailing law that is bound to work…Asking and receiving are two ends of the same thing. We cannot have one without the other.”

If the law works, it works, right? If it works for one person, it works for all of us.  If one person can manifest a healing through prayer, then we all can.  God is no respecter of persons.  If one person can manifest a fulfilling life, we can all manifest a fulfilling life!  If one person can manifest abundance, we can all manifest abundance.

And let’s just talk about this abundance thing for a moment.  I want to clear this up.  There is this notion that the more money one has the more unhappy he or she is.  Actually it’s not about the amount of money one has, it has more to do with how grateful one is for the abundance they have, and what they choose to do with their wealth.  I don’t think Bill and Melinda Gates are unhappy people, and they swimming in abundance.  I think they are very happy to be making such a difference in the world ridding disease in third world countries and building schools and educating the disadvantaged around the world.  Yes, there are a lot of unhappy rich people, and there are a lot of unhappy poor people.  The difference isn’t the amount of money, the difference is in the level of a joyous grateful, generous attitude!

It is the nature of the universe is to expand.  It is the nature of all good things to grow and expand. Jesus said, “I have come that ye may have life, and have it more abundantly.”  There’s no limit to abundance in the universe…only in our imagination

But you’ve heard that before, right?  Most likely…or something similar.  Really there are a million books and blogs with a similar message that I am writing about here.  So, it begs the question…why isn’t everyone rich?

Ah…the big question. Well, we’re either not following the wisdom in these books and blog posts – you know, we’re not actually doing the work…or maybe there’s something deeper that we’re missing.  What?

Well, it’s all to do with energy.  We are not just thinking beings.  We are energetic beings and our energy needs to be in alignment with our affirmation and prayers to bring about a shift in our lives.   The energy with which we affirm, pray and live needs to be in alignment with what we say we want!

And what’s the quickest way to raise our energy? If you said, with gratitude, you’d be right! Give yourself a gold star!

And I’m not talking about this wimpy, run of the mill, “oh isn’t that nice” kind of gratitude, I’m talking ferocious gratitude — brazen, shameless gratitude! What Pam Grout (author of Thank and Grow Rich) calls “the extreme sport of gratitude.”   She says, “That kind of gratitude gives us a portal, an entry point into the heart of the very field of infinite possibilities.  It puts us in an energy frequency – a vibration that calls in miracles.”

How do we get there?  Glad you asked.  Here’s the trick:

Rather than going through a list of things for which you are grateful, just pick three things.   Right now… pick 3 things.  Focus on each one for a minute or two and really think about how meaningful that thing (or person, or experience) is to you.  Open you heart and let the energy of enthusiasm race through your entire being.  Now proclaim your gratitude for these three things to the universe and raise your arms in the air (or pump your fists, whatever you like) and shout “Woo-hoo!”

Go on I’ll wait. Don’t be shy. Shyness won’t raise your energy level. Go ahead and boldly, ferociously proclaim to the universe three things for which you are grateful…with arms in the air and a final “Woo-hoo!”

Don’t you feel better?   Don’t you feel like you’ve just opened a portal to the field of infinite possibilities?  Yeah!  That’s it.

Now, here’s a secret: that’s the place you want to get to before you do your affirmations.  Your affirmations will then carry the energy needed to manifest. Not sure what to affirm?  Not clear about what you truly want?  Got some questions about any of this? Need more guidance on finding your purpose in life, and how to live your vision?  Good news: you are invited to attend my free webinar in January.  Click here to find out more.  Did I mention it was free?  But you need to register.  So, go ahead and do that now.

And while you’re waiting for the webinar, practice this ferocious, brazen, shameless gratitude daily.  And enjoy!