How Gratitude Increases our Blessings


“Sorry folks, but it’s no longer valid to see ourselves as mere onlookers. It is one of the deep, happy mysteries that, at all times, we interact with, and influence the world we observe.” -Princeton Physics professor, John Wheeler

We influence the world we observe simply by the way we are observing it. That’s the new physics.  Every time we perceive our world as either supporting us lovingly, or as a hostile place that we need to struggle through to get what we want, we are shaping that reality for ourselves. Every belief, every worry, every condemnation, every prayer, every time we are immersed in gratitude…everything we do internally…has a definite effect on our environment.

Long gone is this idea that we separate from our environment, victims of fate, powerless over circumstances.  Nothing is done to us, it’s either attracted to us or repelled from us. Here’s why…

We divinely-human being are all basically energy – vibrating atoms focused together in a specific expression.  And that energy extends out from us in all directions.  It doesn’t stop at our body Our bodies actually exist in an energy field that is very much affected by the quality of our thoughts, attitudes, states of mind, etc. And that energy field is an attractive energy that is pulling in experiences that match it vibrationally.  For example, if I’m in a bad mood, and am consumed with judgments of others, or of myself, or I am frustrated with life in general, my energy field is vibrating with that – it’s on an invisible level at first, but if I continue with that frame of mind, it will begin to take form and shape and show up in my life as maybe some physical issue, or a lack of harmony in some area, or as relationship difficulties, or as things just not working out.

However, if I’m in a grateful state of mind, focused on all my blessings, joyful for simply being alive on this magnificent planet, my energy field will be vibrating with that – on an invisible level first – but if I keep it up, it will begin to show up in my life as vibrant health, loving relationships, increased prosperity, things lining up for me.

So establishing a regular proactive practice of gratitude — where you consistently look for several things for which to be grateful, then allowing the joy of that gratitude to resonate throughout your entire being — ensures your energy is vibrating at the level necessary to attract more and more blessings into your life.

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