Living an Expansive Life, Pt. 2

Last time we talked about how having a vision of living a more expansive life is key to actually moving into that life.  And, when we do old beliefs, fears and self-doubt will pop up and try to hold us back and keep us in the little safe box it has us stuck in.

David Owen Ritz talks about this in his Keys to the Kingdom program (which I will be facilitating at Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill if you happend to be near, beginning Aug 23rd.) “As you reach for a greater vision for your life, don’t be surprised if your fears and old beliefs reassert themselves and argue for your limitation along the way.  That is a natural part of the process.  An idea as powerful as unlimited abundance will naturally flush to the surface all other beliefs and ideas unlike itself.  You may find yourself feeling doubtful, fearful, frustrated, or even unworthy.  The thing to know is that your greater possibility lies on the other side of these feelings.  You must face them and heal them if you are to claim your highest possibility.”

And that’s how we break out of our comfort zone.  First we want to start seeing the larger picture through visioning…start expanding our thinking and opening up to what’s possible – the life that lies beyond the box.  And then when those self-doubts and fears come along we want to be a witness to them.   Don’t judge them or judge ourselves for having self-doubt.  Just stand outside of our thinking process for a moment and witness it.

So say you’ve been working at a job that has become a rut for you.  You’re not really enjoying it anymore and they’re not really paying you all that well either.  You’ve been wanting to make a change and go for something that speaks to your heart more…and perhaps pays better.  But you’re stuck.  You don’t want to risk leaving a steady-paying job for an uncertain future.  But you’re beginning to catch a vision of a more expansive life – that’s the most important piece right there…the vision – and cultivating that vision.  And now, you decide it’s time to move forward in alignment with your Inner Guidance.  That’s when the voice of your fear pops up and says, “Oh really…what the heck do you think you’re doing, are you crazy?” Ever heard that voice?

So exercising the witness consciousness, you could say something like…”I’m so glad you brought that up!  Let’s take a good look at that.  In fact, I think I’ve been crazy to live in this rut for so long. I, as a beloved child of God, deserve to live a fulfilling, expansive life.  It’s coded in my DNA!  Other people have made positive changes like this…why can’t I?”  And so on.  Have a dialogue with the doubts until they begin to go quiet.  And they will.

Sometimes, though, it‘s not such a clear voice.  It’s more a feeling of discomfort, a non-specific fear, exhaustion, or just being too darn busy to spend any time pursuing your dream.  That’s the voice of fear trying to keep you stuck too!  And so we want to encourage that discomfort to speak up, so we can see it for what it is.

It’s like weeding your mental garden, pruning the stuff that chokes off the growth of the flowers..and watering and feeding your dream. And when you do…like the chick who has broken out of her egg and is suddenly in this big, beautiful world she never knew existed before, you’ll be living in a big, beautiful, magnificent world you thought only existed in dreams. And if your vision is big enough, you may even transform the lives of those around you.